Hello fellow humans!

My name is Bryan - I am a full-time game character artist and part-time rocketeer. My current flight pattern includes Los Angeles, CA with occasional sorties in and around San Diego and Orange County.

I am an avid gamer so if you don't catch me playing, making, or modding games...more than likely it's because I stopped to talk about them. I've been hooked ever since I first blasted through time in Chrono Trigger , slew dark gods in Baldur's Gate, and clashed blades with the green-skinned orcs of Warcraft.

I am also a collector of "useless" information and possess a fairly large appetite for art and artbooks of all sorts - if something adds to my wizard's library of creative resources then it shall be acquired! After all, a day is not complete without learning something new.

I really enjoy just making art too.